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A BOOK OF POETRY WRITTEN IN SEVEN HOURS FOR INDIA & AMERICA: A collection of nineteen poems based on Japanese haikus on the Coronavirus pandemic

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(as of Jun 14,2021 15:51:47 UTC – Details)

This is a book of poetry. But there is something quite special about it. The poems in the book were written in under a day by the author Anand Manikutty. The story goes like this. Anand, a member of Top Society and Oath Society, both very selective High IQ societies, sent out some emails on the Coronavirus to a mailing list set up by these groups. Encouraged by the responses he received there, he decided to expand the poetry book he was writing to include material discussing the Coronavirus epidemic as well. As was said before, there is one thing very special about the book of poetry he was writing. It is that the poems in the book were written in less than a day. In fact, the entire corpus of poems was written in under seven hours. This was done with the help of an A.I. created by the author. What is significant about the A.I. is that it can write in the style of any living author – assuming you provide the A.I. a corpus of work pertaining to that author. To find out how these poems were created by such an A.I. that was created for quite a different purpose, dear Reader, you will have to read the book itself. In this book, Anand has also included material based on his online discussions with economists and strategic management experts. He has even included portions of emails he shared with members of TOPSociety and OathSociety. This is so that you, Dear Reader, can also get a sense of how economists and evidence-oriented individuals think and approach large-scale problems such as the Coronavirus epidemic. There really are better models out there. One just needs to think about things in a model-based and evidence-based way. Anand also predicted that the War in Iraq would not go well. If his predictions in this book are correct, that is another trillion-dollar mistake that could have been avoided using his models.

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