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Coronavirus: A Pandemic or Plandemic: A World Post Coronavirus

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There was a world before the Pandemic and there will be a world post Pandemic. But something will be changed forever, the human history will now be divided into new forms i.e. BC (Before Covid-19) & AC (After Covid-19 ). This event will prove to a game-changer for humanity, as new societies will emerge with new rules & new protocols in place. There will be an emergence of a totally different world order, where individual liberties will lose meaning and conformity will be the new normal. Nation-states will lack policy directives and confrontation will be the only to increase power. History will call it the “Pangaea breakup” moment of human civilization and the rise of a new civilization based upon less trust, more surveillance, as well as new rights for robots. But is this going to be the last of such events or many more are yet to come?

Was it a natural pandemic or a planned one?

Who is supposed to gain from all this chaos and disruptions around the world?

Are the geopolitical orders up for a toss?

Are we entering into a Chinese world order?

We critically examine all the issues in “Coronavirus: Pandemic or Plandemic” and what the world would be post coronavirus.

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