Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Dr. Oxy Pure Natural Oxygen Cylinder Oxygen Canister 12 liter (Pack of 1)

Price: ₹ 999.00 - ₹ 828.00
(as of Jun 15,2021 20:18:36 UTC – Details)

Oxygen for Hangovers : Feeling out of shape after a long night ? Use Dr. Oxy portable oxygen as a hangover remedy to help recover from hangovers and recharge yourself to stay active and alert and get the best out of your day Oxygen for Headaches and Dizziness: Oxygen fuels 90% of our brain and body functions and shortage of oxygen is a main cause of headaches or dizziness. Use Dr. Oxy oxygen to safely and naturally recover from headaches and dizziness.Oxygen for Stamina and Endurance: Dr. Oxy oxygen helps boost your stamina and Endurance naturally and can be used daily to increase stay fit & healthy and have a more active life and increase your natural ability to build red blood cells. Oxygen for Mental focus: Using Dr. oxy oxygen instantly helps regain energy & mental focus by increasing the oxygen supply to the brain and keeping you alert and sharp. Especially useful after a long working hours, lack of sleep or to stay focused while driving long distances.
Useful For Sports Recovery, Breathlessness Due To Respiratory, Pollution, And Altitude & First Aid Is Life Saver. You Suffer From Lung Or Respiratory Disorders Such As Asthma, C.O.P.D, Etc. Helps You Recover From Breathlessness & Suffocation Caused By Pollution, Smoking, Stale Air, Poorly Ventilated Rooms, High Altitude, Etc.
Instantly increase the oxygen level in your body and helps the body to recover and recharge. Itmaintains body and brain function to normal. It provides instant relief from headache and hangover but primarily it reduces stress in anticipation of mental tension. It elevates your state of mind, so that you are able to think clear and better. To make your days brighter and more enjoyable, you have to try this arrival.
Safety instruction: keep the flammable material away from the canister, don’t slide, drop or play with the canister to avoid any puncture or leakage in the body of the canister, don’t expose to temperature over 50 degree c, not advisable for kids below 12 years.
Pure Oxygen Is A Lightweight Portable Can

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