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Elemental Energy: Crystal and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life

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An aspirational guide to incorporating the transformative power of crystals and gemstones into a stylish life, from the founder of luxury crystal infused skincare line Själ

There are many reference books on crystals on the market, but there is no book like Elemental Energy, which guides readers through incorporating the beauty, allure and power of crystals into a stylish life. With its elegant aesthetic and lush, fashion forward photography, Elemental Energy is an entirely new take on crystals—one that captures their magic and magnetism, but for a decidedly modern twenty-first century life, from organic skin care to at home spa treatments.

Part aspirational, part prescriptive, Elemental Energy combines fullcolor photography throughout with innovative practices, tips and techniques for harnessing the transformative energy of crystals and gemstones for optimal wellness and beauty. Author Kristin Petrovich—founder of luxury geminfused skincare line Själ—takes readers from the basics of crystal and gemstone energy to building an affordable, essential crystal collection; from crafting crystal infused skincare to self-care with crystal and gemstone massage; from creating luxurious and restorative crystal centric rituals to finding the perfect stone to enhance every occasion.

Timely and on trend, Elemental Energy is the must have resource to a beautiful life infused with the energy of crystals and gemstones, from an unparalleled expert in the holistic, luxury beauty world—perfect for crystal obsessives and fashion savvy readers alike.

From the Publisher

Some Tips from Elemental Energy by Kristin Petrovich


Meditating with carnelian helps increase drive and ambition, which makes it the perfect stone to assist with career-related decisions.

Clear Quartz

The pointed ends of clear quartz work like magnets to balance, increase, or clear energy, depending on which way you face the points. To increase energy in a room in your home, point them inward toward the center of the room. To clear energy, point them outward.

Happy Dreams

To generate good dreams for you or a loved one, place a small blue or purple gemstone like holly blue agate or amethyst under your pillow, or a larger one under the bed.

Dark Stones

Dark stones, such as tourmaline, obsidian, and smoky quartz, have protective qualities, so placing some in large potted plants by or outside your front door may help keep unwanted guests away.


Sapphires are believed to significantly improve your problem-solving ability by inspiring clarity of vision and thoughts.


Citrine is said to manifest abundance, success, and good fortune. It is also thought to enhance confidence and stabilize emotions.

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