Oxygen Concentrator Machine

FRANCE Portable oxygen can oxygen cylinder 300 Breath approx inbuilt mask-9 l

Price: ₹ 2,299.00 - ₹ 1,499.00
(as of Jun 19,2021 06:51:00 UTC – Details)

Oxy Pure oxygen cylinder portable can Oxygen is mandatory for every human being, to convert fuel (fats and proteins in our diet) into heat and life. Now oxygen level can also be affected by air pollution, stress, intense workout, sports activities and alcohol consumptions. You don’t want something wrong happens with you or your family. Low oxygen can affect our body function brain function and overall activity to abnormal. Sometime low oxygen can get you into sever emergency which may lead you to hospital. Currently in India Pure oxygen is available only at Hospitals or healthcare setups only. Now Portable oxygen cylinders and can are available which instantly help you to have pure oxygen at your Home or doorstep. Oxy Pure is a natural blend for all the negative effects of low oxygen. A few deep breaths and you are good to go. This one is all about bringing a positive and long lasting change in your life. This might sound strange but athletes have been using this technique as a part of their regular training programs, only because recovery is easier this way. Supporting oxygen permits the athlete to train harder and longer and to recover faster. And this oxygen is without pollution. It may also help to recover breathlessness problem due to virus attack in whole world. In this pandemics situation Oxy Pure oxygen can be really helpful.
It help to manages stress and headache so that brain may perform its functions in a better way. Soon after hard exercises like cycling, aerobics and gyming, may help you to restore the energy in the body.
During travelling to high mountain areas, at elevated positions, sports, poor ventilation stale air conditions. It may help you to maintain an adequate level of oxygen during panic and tough breathing times.
The use of oxygen in the form of spray is meant for intermittent / recreational use only and not substitute for medical oxygen cylinder
Keep away from children.

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