Oxygen Concentrator Machine

German brand Owgels portable medical grade oxygen concentrator 1-3 liters, even 3 liters with over 93% oxygen purity(OZ-3-02LWO)

Price: ₹ 1,10,000.00 - ₹ 59,000.00
(as of Jun 14,2021 14:37:54 UTC – Details)

Using molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption principle. After the raw material air is pressurized by the air compressor, the air pretreatment system removes solid impurities such as oil and dust and most of the gaseous water, and enters the adsorption tower equipped with zeolite molecular sieve. The nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor in the air are selected by the adsorbent. Adsorption, oxygen passes through the adsorption tower, oxygen is output as product gas, and the compressed gas is the driving source to generate and transmit aerosol. When the compressed air generated by the compressor is ejected from the nozzle, it is generated between the nozzle and the suction pipe The effect of negative pressure sucks up the liquid medicine. The inhaled liquid medicine hits the upper diaphragm and sprays out into a very fine mist.

Product description:

◎No additives are needed, and there is no pollution and no residue in the oxygen production process.
◎Choose top French CECA molecular sieve to produce high-efficiency oxygen.
◎Using HEPA high-efficiency filter to isolate bacteria.
◎ABS plastic shell, safe and reliable.
◎It has an ultra-long cumulative timer function, and the total working time is clear at a glance.
◎With timing shutdown function, save time and worry.
◎The compressor is equipped with a thermal protection switch to ensure the safety of the whole machine.
◎The equipment is powered on for 120s, and its performance meets the requirements.

According to the degree of protection against electric shock: Type B;
According to the degree of protection against harmful ingress of liquids: IPX0;
Classification according to the safety level when used in the case of flammable anesthetic gas mixed with air or flammable anesthetic gas mixed with oxygen or nitrous oxide: it cannot be used in the case of flammable anesthetic gas mixed with air or with ox

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