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GJ Sale Pulse Oximeter Fingertip, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor Fingertip, Blood Oxygen Meter Finger Oximeter Finger with Pulse, O2 Monitor Finger for Oxygen

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Crystal Creation Pulse Oximeter With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, it is a good idea for everyone to keep a check on their blood oxygen levels. If they notice a drop, it would be a needed to go in for tests as low oxygen levels are one of the indicators of COVID-19.
How does a Crystal Creation Pulse Oximeter work? The Crystal Creation Pulse Oximeter when attached to your finger, earlobe or toe beams multiple small lights that pass through the blog in your body part the oximeter is attached too, thus measuring the amount of oxygen in your blood. The device is able to do this by measuring the light absorption patterns in oxygenated or deoxygenated blood.
How to use a pulse oximeter * The clip style pulse oximeter needs to be placed on your finger, earlobe, or toe. The machine will not prick you, it will just make you feel a small amount of pressure.
* The finger or the body part should be placed directly under the light
* You may have to remove any fingernail polish, depending on what kind of a pulse oximeter you purchase.
* Turn on the probe.
* Within seconds the probe will start relaying accurate information about your blood oxygen saturation levels.
* After the test is over and you have your results, simply take off the probe and it will shut down automatically.

Any count under 95 shows a problem and that is when you have to consult a medical practitioner. Pulse oximeters also show pulse rate and visualises the same realtime and over a five-second period. The one button on the device can be used to charge orientation of the display is most of the units.

Our pulse monitor is easy to use and has an efficient One Button Operation.
Very Light Weight and Portable – Easy to Carry anywhere
Please Read the Description for More Details

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