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JOHN ‘n’ SMITH Pulse Oximeter, Blood SPO2 Oximeter, Oximeter with pulse heart rate monitor, Oximeter for accurate reading, Blood Oxygen saturation monitor for home & hospital

Price: ₹ 2,999.00 - ₹ 1,199.00
(as of Jun 14,2021 14:31:52 UTC – Details)

SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Sensor was developed for high accuracy and simple usage for both doctors and non-medical use. Equipped with heart rate pulse & SpO2 measurement, this product is useful for monitoring the oxygen concentration in blood and the health of patients during respiratory diseases. The Pulse Oximeter is a portable, convenient, non-invasive device, used to monitor arterial hemoglobin oxygen saturation (SPO2) and pulse rate. The personal application are adult (weight: >30kg) and pediatric (weight: 20-30kg). Index, middle, and ring fingers are suitable for this device. Technical Details: SpO2 Range: 70% – 100% SpO2 Resolution: ±1% Accuracy: ±2% Pulse Rate Range: 30-240bpm Pulse Rate Resolution: ±1bpm OLED Display Infra-red Absorbance ⚠ Caution: The finger should be placed properly, or else it may give inaccurate readings. Excessive ambient light may affect the measuring result. Although the device has a soft rubber that shields it from light, it may not be able to avoid bright light shining directly on the device. Strenuous activity of the subject may affect accuracy. Putting on the probe on a finger with nail polish or any pigment on the finger can interfere with the oximeter readings as the color can absorb the emitted light, making it unable to detect oxygenated hemoglobin. Patient Movement can cause inaccurate reading as the probe easily dislodges. With this,if the patient is shivering or fussy, you may hold the hand steady or wait until the shaking has dispersed before resuming the test. **Limited Stock**Buy Now !!

Display Format: 2-color OLED Display SpO2 Range: 0%-100% and Accuracy: ±2% SpO2 Resolution: ±1% Pulse Rate Range: 30bpm-250bpm and Accuracy: ±2bpm Pulse Rate Range: 30bpm-250bpm and Accuracy: ±2bpm.
Accurate: rotatable multidirectional display, allows you to view your results in any direction plus pulse wave, pulse rate, bar graph, spo2 level and battery level.
IN THE BOX: 1 x Pulse Oximeter, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Lanyard | Each device undergoes rigorous testing,NOTE: * 2 AAA batteries required which not includes in package. The oximeter automatically powers off after 10 seconds of inactivity and can be operated continuously for more than 20 hours.
Battery Installation 1. Open the battery door cover. 2. Install two AAA batteries into the battery compartment by matching the plus (+) and minus (-) signs in the compartment. Note: Incorrectly installed batteries may damage the device. 3. Align the battery door cover and press until it snaps back in place. Note:  Please remove the batteries if the pulse oximeter will not be used for a long period of time.

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