Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Jukusa Digital Fingertip | Pulse Oximeter Monitor with Vaporizer | Pulse Oximeter || Vaporizer | Oximeter | Oximeter Pulse Fingertip | Heart Rate Monitor | Oxygen Level Monitor Combo

Price: ₹ 1,999.00 - ₹ 998.00
(as of Jun 19,2021 06:13:18 UTC – Details)

About the product : Pulse oximeter is a very beneficial tool for those who need a regular checkup and have no time to visit a doctor on a daily basis. It is very suitable to get an oximeter at home so that you can keep a record of the pulse. If you’re using a pulse oximeter at home, you should know how often to take your readings and what to do if they go above or below certain levels. It reduces the cost of multiple procedures that are involved in the daily reading of an individual. Pulse oximeter is a quick, noninvasive, and completely painless test tool. It comes with no risks aside from potential skin irritation from the adhesive used in some types of problems.
Sport Enthusiasts: Suitable for mountain climbers, skiers, bikers, aviators or anyone interested in measuring their SpO2 and pulse rate while on the move. You should only use the pulse ox before or after your exercise. Also, you must remain stationary while the pulse oximeter measures your pulse rate and SpO2 levels. This device is for sports and aviation use only
Measures quickly and accurately pulse rate and O2 blood oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin levels.
Battery Saver: Auto-Power-Off after 8 seconds without input signal to saves batteries
Water resistant: note product is designed to withstand accidental splash of water. Increasingly higher depths of water will render the product unusable. Product is water resistant and not waterproof

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