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The Coronavirus Pandemic Explained.: Breaking the SARS-COVID-19 Code.

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Understanding the Coronavirus Pandemic true or false

In today’s world, discerning what is true or false, progressive insights or failures in handling the pandemic crisis is hard to fathom. The line separating truth from falsehood, fact from hype, and conspiracies from the reality of this existential threat hangs on a thin balance. With the daily news on the coronavirus pandemic deaths and infected deliberately distorted to misinform to the extent of causing a deep acrimonious division and confusion within the community, and governments, and agencies.
There is no other crisis as the coronavirus pandemic crisis subjected to the same level of fake news, contradictory views, distorted and manipulative information. This book provides a counterweight showing how the present coronavirus pandemic has changed the dynamics across many structures in the society.
Therefore, to unmask the coronavirus pandemic this book written drawing from many sources to offer the reader clarity in understanding the pandemic crisis in these confusing and traumatic times. The book also offers practical knowledge, proven strategies, and hope for overcoming the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic in the community.
In addition, the book puts the current pandemic situation in the correct viewpoint in relation to previous plagues through explaining the core issues of the virus. Also, the materials in this book expressly show how the pandemic crisis is affecting the global religion, society and culture, including:

  • The origin and historical perspective of the coronavirus.
  • How to unmask the MERS-SARS-COVID-19 and the previous outbreak.
  • The religious, political and social effect of the lockdown, social distancing, and masking.
  • Controlling the rate of infection on civil societies and churches.
  • The global dislocation and disruption caused by the pandemic as challenges affecting society, national economies, and public health.

What you should know about new vaccine development and safety. The book comes with the sound information, substantiated facts to help the reader form an informed opinion on the coronavirus crisis.

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