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THE FACT ABOUT COVID 19 VACCINES: Why Most of What We Think About Coronavirus Vaccines Are Wrong

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What do you think about covid 19 vaccines? SAFE? DANGEROUS? READ ON

Since early 2020 the world has been in this mess of global pandemic. It has destroyed many lives, sacked many from their means of livelihood. Everybody including myself thought this virus will soon disappear just the way it came, and months has come and gone and the world is still battling with this monster virus. The world has experience first and second wave of the covid virus and some countries are in for third wave.

The fact about coronavirus vaccine is an exposition of diverse opinion about the vaccine; this will help you to know many things about covid 19 and the vaccine. There are so many questions and doubt about the safety of this vaccine do to how fast it was developed but this book provided many answers to this question which will assist you form a personal decision Whether to receive the vaccine or not.

In the fact about covid 19 vaccines Jozefa Pamela exposed some myths about covid 19 vaccines

  • What we are yet learning about Covid 19 vaccination
  • What We Know now about coronavirus vaccines
  • Situational Report on the safety of the vaccines

This book the fact about covid 19 vaccine: Why Most of What We Think about Coronavirus Vaccines Are Wrong really proved many of our assumption about covid 19 and its vaccines. Bias is the worst enemies of knowledge, know the truth yourselves, and remember to key into all the medical guideline, together we shall win.

Prepared to fight and win this war?

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