Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Vebeto Professional Fingertip Pulse Rate Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Heart Monitor Meter Medical Device SpO2 Dual Colour OLED Display Batteries Included Highest Accuracy 1 Year Warranty (Blue)

Price: ₹ 4,999.00 - ₹ 1,999.00
(as of May 12,2021 20:43:19 UTC – Details)

Serving as a sugar glucometer, blood pressure thermometer, and pressure home watch, Vebeto pulse oximeter is an accurate and fast device that enables you to readily determine your blood oxygen saturation levels, heart rate, and pulse rate all in a period of between 8 to 10 seconds. The device is water-resistant to minor exposures and has a smart battery saving ability where the screen displays time off after 10 seconds of idleness. With a record of 99.9% accuracy, this Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor Fingertip is a useful accessory for children, adults, people in sports, and professions like aviation that require progressive knowledge of the SpO2 and pulse rate. It does not matter where you stand; the Vebeto pulse oximeter lets you view the readings from any direction. Suitable for all finger sizes thus serves children and adults perfectly. It is also designed to be conveniently portable and resistant to water splashes. Can be used in the dark thanks to the LED fingertip digital meter that or times off after 8-10 seconds as a battery conservancy measure. Accuracy is very high thus making it a reliable recommendation by the doctor. Vebeto pulse oximeter will measure your SpO2, heart rate and pulse strengths fast and accurately and display these readings on the digital display screen.

Timely visual display: In no more than 10 seconds, you are able to know your SpO2, heart rate, and pulse strength as seen on a LED digital meter.
Water-resistant: While total submersion will compromise the Vebeto pulse oximeter, the device is designed to survive water splashes.
Battery saving ability: Vebeto pulse oximeter is smart in its battery-saving ability, timing off automatically after 8 seconds unless an input signal is put.
Multi-directional display: Enables maximum accuracy for the Vebeto pulse oximeter to achieve a multi-directional view of your results.
Sporting accessory: Serves as a value-adding accessory for sportsmen and women among other people and professions that require keeping track of ones’ SpO2 or pulse rate while in the line of duty.
Easy portability: Portability of the Vebeto pulse oximeter is made easy by its compactness and lightness.
Convenient finger test check accommodates all finger sizes: Vebeto pulse oximeter is suitable for all finger sizes because of its simplicity and design. This makes the oximeter pulse machine ideal for adults and children alike

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