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Writing Without Bullshit: Boost Your Career by Saying What You Mean

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(as of Jun 14,2021 14:08:36 UTC – Details)

Bullshit is on the rise. From disorganized emails to jargon-filled reports, we’re surrounded by bloated, ineffective communication at work. Word pollution slows productivity, curbs energy and erodes trust.

This is not just a problem— it’s an opportunity. Writers who learn to say what they mean stand out from this background of drivel. It’s not just a question of purging time-wasters like passive voice, jargon and mealy-mouthed qualifiers from what you write. Better business writing requires a change in attitude —writers must learn to transcend their fear and be brief and direct. They need a new style of writing suited to a world where people read nearly everything on a screen. They must learn the discipline of writing without bullshit.

At the heart of this method is the Iron Imperative: You must treat reader’s time as more valuable than your own. Start boldly, edit everything (no first draft is perfect!) and establish a word count—and stick to it.

Writing Without Bullshit features twenty-five short, entertaining and useful chapters covering everything from blogging to reports, from editing to statistics, from planning to unleashing creativity—all in the service of business writing that makes a powerful impression.

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